Robin Titus
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Beginning Sunday night, March 26 at 6pm, join us for new elective options. Make an investment in being a growing follower of Jesus.

1) The Gospels: Four Portraits of Jesus - Brenda Schyf

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the NT books that tell us the details of Jesus' life, ministry and teachings.  This series will examine each Gospel to see the different picture that each writer portrays of who Jesus really is, what His mission on earth was and how these portraits of Him can speak to us today.

2) Personal Finance - Mark-Anthony and Stephen Ashfield

Personal finance is one of the most impactful areas in your life.  It's often ignored until it's too late.  This series will be fun, entertaining and engaging as we explore various elements of personal finance and why you should care about it. The sessions will be interactive and we'll share ideas as a group over the duration of this elective. 

3) The Person of the Holy Spirit - Solomon Ugabi

Let's dig deeper into understanding the mystery and our acute need of the Holy Spirit and His place in our salvation and daily Christian life. 


***Please contact the church office to sign up for any one of these electives, they begin this week, March 26 @ 6pm

***Childcare is provide for children under the age of 5