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Yesterday, late afternoon, our region was returned to the orange level regarding COVID-19 restrictions. For us, as a church, this means we are limited to services of up to 50 people, provided we keep a 2 meter distance, remained masked, and refrain from singing. In times such as these, there are no perfect options, and we regret to inform you that we will not be holding a physical church service tomorrow, November 22nd.

In it's place, we will be rebroadcasting a recording of last week's service, to go live on our Facebook and YouTube channels tomorrow at 10:30AM. We hope to have you join us for a time of fellowship, regardless of the space between us.

More information regarding our plans going forward will be available throughout the week! This is a fluid situation, and may change rapidly, as we learned Friday afternoon. For now, we encourage everyone to follow the government restrictions and remain safe, careful, and healthy. 

God Bless!